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  • “With Ostrato, Fusion saved 55% on our most recent public cloud bill, with no impact on our ability to execute or deliver services to the end user. By leveraging Ostrato’s cloud ingest process to discover all existing instances, and then automating instance scheduling by leveraging Ostrato’s unique budget and parking features, we were able to quickly identify and manage spend by user, group and project across all of our cloud providers.” – Don Magrogan, CTO, Fusion PPT 

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Manage Your Cloudscloud management platform

  • The Ostrato Cloud Management Platform provides an integrated, single pane of glass for managing all your public, private and hybrid cloud services.
  • Granular reporting on all cloud usage and spend by business unit, group, project, user and service provider.
  • A clearly defined and logical RBAC approach – authenticate and manage users by role, group and project.
  • Clean, easy to use marketplace that aggregates and automates provisioning for both cloud and non-cloud IT services.

Orchestrate IT servicesOrchestrate IT Services

  • Empower IT with a single, integrated platform for governing and managing your hybrid IT environments
  • Enforce compliance and reduce risk with centralized credential management
  • Govern cloud spend and usage with innovative budget automation and role based access controls
  • Simplify IT administration with REST-based API architecture for Cloud and IT tool integration

manage budgetsControl Cloud Spend

  • A single integrated cloud management platform to enforce and alert on cloud usage and spend in real-time
  • Improve budgeting and user accountability with cost projections, notifications, and aggregated reporting
  • Auto-enforce spend by user, group and project using workflow and budget notification
  • Reduce overhead associated with decrypting your cloud bills with homogeneous tagging

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Simplify IT Cloud Administration

Enterprises are finding that their move to the cloud does not magically equate to reduced administration time, lower costs and improved automation. Today administrators are struggling to manage discrete systems across multiple clouds, and ensure security and cost controls are in place. Ostrato cloudSM provides administrators with:

  • A clean, easy to use marketplace that aggregates and automates provisioning for both cloud and non-cloud IT services
  • Out of the box API integration to cloud providers, SSO, and IT automation vendors – Puppet, Chef, and SaltStack
  • A clearly defined and logical RBAC approach which drives automated cloud service Governance, Tagging and Reporting
  • A single platform for managing cloud Automation profiles, user RBAC, Budgeting, Scheduling, and Workflow

Save with Scheduled Run-time and Instance Parking

Our Cloud Management Platform (cloudSM) features an innovative, first of its kind cloud instance scheduler and parking tool that allows organizations to automatically start, stop and “park” cloud instances during down time. Auto-parking services during non-peak hours can significantly reduce cloud spend. By simply turning off the meter, customers can save 70% or more on cloud services in non-production environments. Ostrato’s flexible instance scheduler allows enterprises to:

  • Limit spend leveraging role based access controls (RBAC), budget and permissions
  • Auto-enforce rules for groups, individuals, locations, service providers
  • Automate cost controls by parking instances during off peak times to minimize spend
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